Please Don't Kiss My Baby

Please Don't Kiss My Baby. Here are some ways to say don't kiss my baby politely. But sometimes, it doesn’t work at all.

Please Don't Kiss My Baby Three Little Tots
Please Don't Kiss My Baby Three Little Tots from

Some may know that i gave birth to my first child in august. During a baby’s first year, but especially in the first. A simple do not kiss baby on the lips, as your risking babys life, herpes virus and rsv, which a hgh percent of adults carry but can be deadly in babys.

Please Don't Kiss My Baby, Thank You.

Though some might call you paranoid or overprotective, there's no harm in being extra careful these days. Babies are so cute and squishy! A polite request can work wonders, especially when dealing with more sensitive members of the family.

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If speaking to people directly about your concerns feels too daunting, you can send a mass. But sometimes, it doesn’t work at all. Please don't kiss my baby:

Fun Girl Says If You Stop I'll Tell Her Right Now.

There are no exception to this rule. Aah, please don't hurt my baby. I don’t care if you’re the grandmother, auntie, uncle, godmother, cousin, etc.

The Urge To Kiss Your Niece, Nephew, Or New Grandchild May Be Overwhelming.

Your baby is here now, and you're not the only one who thinks he is adorable. I cannot fight for all babies, but i can fight for this one. They are cute, small, cuddly and always smell good.

Accompanying The Request With A Solid Excuse About A Rash Will Make Your Request Bulletproof.

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