Bored Ape Yacht Club Steph Curry

Bored Ape Yacht Club Steph Curry. Stephen curry has just recently shelled out 55 eth (~$180,000 usd) for a bored ape yacht club nft. At the time of writing, bored apes have a floor price of 91eth on opensea which is equivalent to approximately $291,000.

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Now, stephen curry is one of the latest to get his hands on an exclusive nft. The nft in question is a piece of digital artwork featuring a randomly generated ape. One of these successful projects is the bored ape yacht club.

With Steph Curry, Paris Hilton, Eminem, Jimmy Fallon, And Other High Profile Celebrities Owning One.

Steph curry, eminem, and adidas have utilized bored ape nfts as profile images. Since last year, nfts have taken the crypto and art world by storm. Max meant to list this valuable bored ape yacht club nft for 75 ether, or $300,000, but listed it for.75 ether instead.

Steph Curry Is Now Part Of The Bored Ape Yacht Club (“Bayc” In His Twitter Bio), A Collection Of 10,000 Unique Bored Ape Nfts.

With over 15 million followers on twitter. Coinbase betting big on staking ahead of ethereum. After he purchased it, he sent a.

Andrew Wiggins (Nba, Golden State Warriors) (Specific Bored Ape Currently Unconfirmed) Serena Williams (Tennis) #5797.

He purchased his ape for 55 eth. Hodlnaut joins long list of crypto firms freezing. The parent company of bored ape yacht club is yuga labs.

The Enormous Value Was Due To The Ape’s Gold Fur Coating Which Less Than 1% Of Apes Possess.

28, 2021, for a 55 ethereum. Steph curry’s bored ape yacht club nft collectible cost him $180,000. On twitter, steph curry is currently displaying his, which he recently bought for a reported $180,000.

Steph Curry’s Bored Ape Yacht Club Nft Collectible Cost Him $180,000.

Stephen curry bought top collectible bored ape #7990 for $180,000. This means that steph curry spent around $180,000 (converted using usd/eth prices in august, 2021) to become the sole owner of the #7990 nft in the bored ape yacht club series. Last weekend, steph curry paid $180,000 to change his twitter profile to a bored ape:

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