Baby Jesus And The Tabby Cat

Baby Jesus And The Tabby Cat. Tabby cats usually have a marking on their forehead that many people claim resembles the letter “m”. Legend says a mother tabby cat with a new litter of kittens was in the stable at the time and she poked her little tabby head up for mary to see.

Baby Jesus and the Tabby Cat November 2010
Baby Jesus and the Tabby Cat November 2010 from

According to christian legends, a tabby cat comforted baby jesus, and virgin mary put this mark on the cat’s head to express her gratitude. The population of male tabbies is higher than females. And when the blessed virgin petted the cat on its head, an m formed in its fur, and it has been there ever since.

The Funny Feline Thought The Straw Bed Looked Like A Cozy Spot For A Cat Nap, Evicted The Baby Jesus, And Stole His Spot In The Manger!

One day, muezza returned the favor by saving mohammad. The main factor is the pattern of the coat. Baby jesus snuggled into a comforting sleep.

The Most Popular Legend Tells Us As The Baby Jesus Shivered In The Manger On The Night He Was Born, A Small Tabby Cat Jumped Into The Humble Crib To Warm Him With Its Fur.

Baby jesus and the tabby cat greeting cards. The purring resonated throughout the barn and. Puss in boots from the shrek movie is another famous tabby cat.

The Legend Is That A Tabby Cat Was In The Barn.

Swiftly the tabby cat leapt into the manger and began to purr with a deep soothing hum. 48 likes · 1 talking about this. In this legend, mohammad (the founder of islam) had a tabby cat named muezza.

If Youre Curious About Orange Tabby Cat Facts, Weve Compiled A Few Below.

Every particular cat has a distinctive appearance and features various tabby coat patterns: A tweet about the incident went viral on. A tabby cat nestled right in next to the baby and mary bestowed the cat with her own initial, “m,” on its forehead.

There Is A Legend That Says That The Reason All Cats Have A Very Clear M On Their Foreheads Is That A Cat Befriended The Holy Family And Comforted The Baby Jesus.

As a sign of gratitude, mary drew an m on the cat’s forehead. The tabby jumped up onto mary’s lap, curled up next to baby jesus and began to purr. About this time the baby jesus began to cry again and nothing would calm him.

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