Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Blue Flame Map

Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Blue Flame Map. Link must bring blue flame to both. Not sure where to look, have followed the mini check points for the flame and need up getting confused.

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It is operated by robbie, one of the sheikah researcher's and assistant to purah in hateno village. Gallery arrive at the akkala ancient tech lab. When link first visits the akkala ancient tech.

Light The Furnace Outside Of The Tech Lab.

There are several differences between the hateno ancient lab and the akkala ancient lab, but the most glaring may be the guidance stone. Stampy easily gets to the zuna kai shrine at the tall platform at the top of skull lake and is surprised when it's a pat on the back shrine as it is not. Unlike the hateno ancient tech lab, which looks like a strong gust of wind would blow it off the precipice at any moment, the akkala lab appears a much more squat building on the flat top of the rolling akkala hillside.

There's One At The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

He uses this flame for the furnace in his lab, which allows him to create ancient gear and weapons. There are a couple of key differences, though: And there’s a similar requirement:

Link Can Get Powerful Ancient Weapons Here.

Exit robbie's lab and head west, but make sure to pick up a torch from inside if you don't have one. It was built from the remains of the old akkala lighthouse that existed. By sophia jennifer may 3, 2022 share share twitter pinterest.

Use A Torch To Carry The Blue Flame.

To the left of the tech lab over the bridge it is. Remove all of link’s armor to show his scars. Light the torches along the way.

With The Torch, Stand Near The Flame To Light It.

Gallery arrive at the akkala ancient tech lab. You must carry a torch of blue flame from an ancient furnace nearby (or not so near), pausing to light lanterns along the way, until reaching and igniting the tech lab’s own furnace. How to get the blue flame to hateno ancient tech lab.

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