What Is A Diamond?

What is a Diamond? Diamond is a natural substance composed of a single element called carbon and known to be the most durable and hardest of all minerals. It can be in a form of cubic, crystal or isometric and it's color ranges from colorless to black, white, purple, yellow, pink, brown, gray, blue, orange and green.

Millions of years ago, diamonds were formed and brought through volcanic activity. You can't burn a diamond unless you bring it to 1292°F. You cannot tell a diamonds quality through it's size. A small diamond can be of higher quality than a larger one due to the presence of the four C characteristics which is known to be the carat weight, cut, clarity and color.

Radiant cut loose diamonds is somewhat similar to princess cut but has blocked corners. There are many diamond shapes and sizes to choose from that will fit in your budget. You just have to know what you or your partner wants. It is important to consider the length and weight ratio of the diamond jewelry before purchasing. If you wanna know if your diamond is real or not, the best thing to do is to have it appraised by your trusted jeweler.

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