Pearl joys!

Freshwater pearls are the best, they are lovely and thousands are wearing them every day! They make perfect accessories to any outfit and can create a look that you have desired for quite some time. Did you know that they can either be naturally produced or cultured? It is great to think that it is the only living gem that is created by a living organism, whether cultured or not. They both have imperfections but with their imperfections results in one-of-a-kind look that can’t be reproduced. They are simply unique.

The best way to begin your collection would be with pearl bracelets. These are so fun and can add that extra piece to complete the look! With the pearl trend on a high, a simple bangle or charm can grab the attention and make others want what you have! The originality of the simple or intricate designs convey a special message for you to show others!

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