Morality on TV

Author: Joseph Sandoval

My husband and I have had directv for the last three years, and we have been very pleased with our service. My complaint is not with the provider but with what is on television in general. I feel like there are more shows dedicated to sex, drugs, and immorality than ever before. There are hardly any shows that I feel comfortable watching with my children, and it is very disappointing as a parent. I am constantly looking for positive characters on television for the sake of my family. However, there are simply very few honest, virtuous, and faithful characters on television today. Instead, there is a blurred line between right and wrong, and often the main characters will do things that are dishonest or immoral. I am not looking for television characters to serve as the role models for my children. I am simply hoping that the values we have tried to teach our children will not be undermined by what they have seen on television. Some people might call this way of thinking old-fashioned, but I am a firm believer in teaching children the clear lines between right and wrong.

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