Guest post written by Annie Knight

You can have an amazing wardrobe, but if you don't know how to accessorize then you're really not putting it to its full potential. You could say that I'm kind of an accessories hound because I'm actually starting to run out of places to keep all of my necklaces. The thing that I love the most about accessories though is that if you lose weight, you can still wear them.

But I've been buying less jewelry from Forever 21 lately and more from vintage stores because vintage jewelry lasts so much longer. I've been using my wireless internet Tacoma a lot to look up vintage stores in my area that will have great jewelry selections.

I think that vintage costume jewelry is always a great way to start with vintage shopping if you're still a bit weirded out by wearing a strangers clothes. But I'm past that at this point and am also buying a bunch of vintage clothing too. Some of this stuff is really cheap if you hit the right stores. I love telling people that my stuff is vintage, it makes me sound like such a fashionista!

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