HOT weather

Guest post from: Bruno Smith

Geez, I hate when it gets hot like this outside. My skin always sticks to my leather seats and my hair falls flat the second I walk outside. I know I asked for it by moving down here to Georgia but when people talked about the humidity I had no idea they’d be talking about something like this! Anyway, I’ve been leaving my doors and windows open a lot during the day to make sure the house doesn’t get too stuffy and because of that I’ve gotten a lot more worried about my security when I’m here all alone. I went to http://SECURITYchoice.COM and looked into security systems and I’ve been trying to go through the whole house every day before I leave to make sure everything’s closed up but you never know what you might forget! Anyway, summer here is rough but I do like living so close to a pool and being able to wear sundresses 6 months out of the year, so that’s a definite plus. I’ll get used to it!

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