The oscars are a winner for family fun

Thanks for the post, Jennifer Mcconnell

Every year, my family and friends get together to celebrate the fantastic spectacle that is the Oscars. For us, it is not just an awards show, but a major event.

I host A big Oscar Awards party every year. It is always pot luck, and there is always way too much food. The left overs alone make the party worth while.

Once the guests arrive, the satellite tv from is switched on, and the festivities are underway.

A treasure hunt featuring hints related to the nominated actors and movies is played during the pre-show commercial breaks.

The awards show itself is viewed as a spirited competition between party guests. We all pick favorites to win.

When the show ends, the party guest who has guessed the most winners correctly wins the big prize. A sack filled with a dollar bill from each person at the party. I have yet to win the big prize, but there is always next year.

My favorite part of the festivities is watching Joan Rivers and her crew of fashionistas pick and pan the wardrobe, make up and hair of all of the stars that walk the famous red carpet.

Our annual Oscar party, while simple and easy to plan, is as important to my family as holiday gatherings. It is not a solemn event, but rather, serious family fun.

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