Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Twelve days before Christmas and we all know there are many preparations by that time specially foods. So I have some healthy holiday gift ideas at least you can share or give your friends and family something more energizing this Christmas. I got this from Nutritionist Sue Radd.

***Order a box of gourmet fruit, or arrange for a fruit-of-the-month basket to arrive monthly for the next twelve months.

***Create your own organic food basket.

***Personally bake a healthy fruity Christmas cake.

***Give a gym membership.

***Buy an introductory session with a personal trainer or a pack of sessions.

***Purchase a pedometer to track steps and motive increased physical activity.

***Get a heart-rate monitor for those more serious "athletes".

***Rent a treadmill for a defined period, or buy one if you think it will be used in the longer term. This is particularly useful for walking in poor weather.

***Select some sports and game equipment, such as a punching bag, soccer ball, or tennis racket.

***Pick up an aerobics DVD.

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