10 Products to Keep You Healthy on the Road

Stay healthy is the most important specially when you are traveling. This is one way of relieving the stress you have from the house or work. This holidays I know there are some headaches you encounter and hope this one will help you go through. A tips to help you healthy on the road by Carrie Greenberg at LifeScript.

1. Emergen-C
*This slightly fizzy vitamin powder contains 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C, plus a nice dose of vitamin B and other nutrients. Emergen-C comes in several fruit flavors and travel-friendly packets. Just mix in water.

2. Nasal spray
*A good nasal spray can get rid of the airplane buddies: Sneezy and Stuffy. Afrin is the go-to spray for many travelers, but if that’s not doing the job, ask your doctor about prescription products like Nasonex. Or try Euphorbium, a homeopathic nasal spray.

3. Airborne
*There’s no scientific evidence that Airborne works, but thousands of people swear by it… and you may too. An immune-boosting supplement, Airborne contains 17 nutrients that may help your body fight germs.

4. Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Wipes
*Antibacterial wipes area traveler’s best friend. Use them to wipe down airplane seat trays, phones and T.V. remotes in hotels, and the steering wheel in a rental car.

5. La Fresh Travel Wipes
*Taking a longer trip? You’ll probably need a bunch of products. Save space with La Fresh’s handy kit stocked with nail polish remover pads, makeup remover toilettes, hygiene wipes and more.

6. Toothettes
*Worried about water-borne bacteria? Swap your regular toothbrush for no-water teeth-cleaners. Individually wrapped, these disposable foam wands wipe away the grime and leave your teeth feeling fresh.

7. Mistify Hand Sanitizer
*This alcohol-based sanitizing spray battles germs… and moisturizes your hands! It dries on contact and doesn’t leave a residue. The snazzy bottle also meets the TSA’s 3-ounce rule on bottles.

8. No-Jet-Lag
*A homeopathic remedy, No-Jet-Lag’s natural active ingredients (arnica, daily, chamomile, ipecac and clubmoss) supposedly fight the effects of long travel. Each pack has enough tablets for an around-the-world journey or 50 hours of flying.

9. Shemergency Survival Kit
*A lot can go wrong on a trip, but this kit is at the ready. It contains almost everything you’ll need, including: a hair brush with mirror, hair spray, earring backs, clear nail polish, mending kit, lint remover, safety pin, double-sided tape and more.

10. Wrist Angel Aromatherapy Sickness Band
*Even the steadiest stomach can get upset on a trip. Each package contains a bracelet and four packets with essential oils of ginger, orange and peppermint – scents many believe relieve travel sickness. Simply pick a scent, put on the bracelet and breathe deeply.

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