Facts About Jell-O Gelatin

I laugh when i read this information about Jell-O Gelatin because imagine came from animal protein. I don't know maybe i am mistaken but here are some information i found.

Take animal remains -- mostly bones, cartilage and tendons -- and boil them for several hours. Once complete, strain the liquid and discard the remains. Let the liquid set for 24 hours, then skim the fat from the top. You have a totally "odorless, tasteless, colorless thickening agent." The process dates back as far as the Middle Ages. During the Victorian era, "jelly moulds" were a dinner-party status symbol, mostly because the long, laborious process behind it required ever-loyal servants. But that would all change when a group of Americans got their mitts on gelatin.

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Ane Fallarme said...

i think they call it pectin... that's where they get jello from, animals bones and stuff... :)