Massage Therapy

Do you believe in massage therapy? I am going to say i really believe because when i was in the Philippines i always have my back massage. If i have fever or i always cough due to cold or something i feel good after the massage. Some people doesn't like massage just like hubby. But i always tell hubby that i will massage his back when he is very tired. I did massage him and he said he feel good. Before i also came here in US i let the massager or we call there "manghihilot" meaning massager massage my tummy to check if my ovary is in right position because of course i want to have a baby. She told me that my ovary is not in the right position if i got pregnant it is easy to be miscarriage. I want to have a baby so i told her to fix it. She did fix it and it hurt a little bit but the result i have a baby. Lots of my friends knows about this believe me but some is just smiling. Did you believe such thing like this?

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