Ideas For Healthy Takeouts

I read this one in a magazine and i want to share it to you. I also usually likes takeouts.

***Grilled or toasted Turkish or focaccia bread sandwiches with marinated vegetables and reduced fat cheese.
***Burritos, with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, and a little cheese (skip the sour cream!)
***Whole wheat or whole grains rolls with fillings such as lettuce, egg, char grilled vegetables, and avocado or hummus instead of margarine or butter.
***Order freshly squeezed juices or fruit smoothies as an alternative to soft drinks and thick shakes.
***Stir-fried vegetables with a serving of steamed rice.
***Tubs of freshly prepared rice and beans or a fruit salad.
***Try frozen yogurt or low-fat yogurt mixed with fresh fruits.

Source: Sanitarium Nutrition Education Service


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